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Student Formation

An essential part of the educational experience at ETS is the shaping of each individual as they are being changed into Christ’s image. It is required of all students admitted to ETS that they have experienced the New Birth and it is desired that they have also been filled with the Holy Spirit. In addition, it is important that there is evidence of spiritual maturity and a calling for ministry training. The daily life in the School Community as students and faculty live, work and worship together is seen as invaluable in the personal development of students.

The School Community

All single students are expected to live in the ETS student accommodation and share daily life with Christians from many different nations, cultures, denominations, and perspectives. This provides a unique opportunity to develop friendships, an understanding of others, and to put into practice Christian love and ministry. Work assignments are a part of daily life for all students, including those who live off-campus. There is an atmosphere of study, prayer, worship, and practical work but there is also time for fellowship and fun. Students are encouraged to live and behave according to scriptural principles, respect the Church of God's practical commitments, and always exercise an attitude of openness and respect toward others.

Married students are normally required to find their own accommodation outside the school. Any exceptions to this policy must have the president’s approval. To involve off-campus students, spouses, and families several events are scheduled each semester to which these are invited, notably the School Picnic, Family Night, and Music Evening.

The Worshipping Community

Each week students, staff, and faculty engage in a variety of worship experiences that are designed to deepen their spiritual lives.

Chapel Services

A Worship Service is normally held in the School Chapel on Wednesday morning, under the direction of the Campus Pastor in which students and faculty participate in worship ministry, reading, praying, testifying, and preaching. Guest preachers are invited by the President and usually meet the student body for a Colloquium in the afternoon.

Cell Groups

All students are assigned to a Community of Faith Group that meets once per week during the semester under the leadership of one or two members of staff or faculty. These groups provide the opportunity for fellowship, discussion, exploring and exchanging views, and personal and spiritual development.

Prayer Meetings and Devotions

Everyone involved at ETS is encouraged to engage in and develop private devotions. School Devotions are held two mornings per week with faculty and student participation under the direction of the Campus Pastor. Corporate prayer is emphasized through student-led prayer meetings. From time to time, a missions focused prayer meeting will be held when a missionary will be invited to share about the work they are doing.


From time to time the school sets aside time for praise, worship, teaching, or evangelistic preaching. This presents a unique opportunity for the ETS community to invite visitors to the ETS Campus or to hold meetings in surrounding churches to develop the ministry of the School and Church.

Christian Community and Social Concern

Through regular church attendance, Supervised Field Ministry, and special events ETS students and faculty seek to build Christian Community through worship and involvement in social ministries.

The Academic Community

Students must be reminded that their primary purpose for being at ETS is to study and prepare for ministry. Academic excellence is expected. Students should respect quiet time for study, especially in the Library and Reading Room where there should always be an atmosphere that is conducive to study.

The Working Community

All students at ETS are required to participate in work assignments under the direction of the Dormitory Supervisor. These daily work assignments offer an opportunity for students to develop a sense of responsibility, teamwork and submission to authority that is invaluable in Christian ministry.